ANHS Safe and Resilient Return: Semester 2

ANHS Safe and Resilient Return: Semester 2
Posted on 01/13/2021
ANHS Safe and Resilient Return: Semester 2

Important Information For Our Families

Appleton North Students and Families,

On Tuesday, January 19th we will be adding our "Hybrid" (cohort AA & BB) students into our school building. This will be the first time we will have large groups of students back at North since mid-March last year - we are excited about this opportunity to have more of our students back at North!

To ensure our safe return is successful and can continue moving forward, we are asking ALL Students and Families watch this VIDEO from North Administration. This video highlights the changes, rules, and procedures that have put in place for both in-person and virtual learning starting on the 19th. Knowing, understanding, and following these guidelines are essential for all of us to stay safe and healthy now - and in our efforts moving forward.

After viewing this video, please contact our school if you have any remaining questions or concerns.

We are excited for this next step and we are confident that with the procedures we have put in place, and with all of us doing our part, we can successfully return to in-person education. A place we all want to be!

Students: Here's what you can expect next week!

Families you received an informative video presentation this past Monday regarding what to look forward to when your student comes back to school next week. We would also like to share a peek of what the students will expect to see walking into the building. We have prepared a fun and informative video with our beloved Rodney in it. Enjoy!