Schedule FAQs

How do I schedule a study hall or release?
Study Halls will be added to student schedules if there is space in the schedule (less than 7 credits requested). Juniors and seniors need to apply for release here. All Study Halls and Releases are randomly placed and School Counselors are unable to honor requests for specific class periods.

How do I schedule a Teaching Assistant? Does this count as one of my 5 or 6 credits?
The first step to set up a Teaching Assistant position is to find a teacher willing to supervise you. TA positions are created at the beginning of each semester by students submitting the TA application (you must select a teacher before you are able to submit the TA application).

A Teaching Assistant position is considered "service to our school" and therefore is not considered an academic class. Students must adhere to the academic attendance policy that requires students in grades 10-11 to have 6 academic classes (grade 12 must have 5). TA Application and Information

Should I consider taking an AP classes? 
There is no limit to the number of AP classes a student can take nor is there a specific approval process. Taking AP classes is considered a personal choice.  However it is crucial that students consider AP classes that are of a personal interest or a subject area of advanced skill. Daily attendance is essential in any AP class! Consider any medical challenges that may interfere with feeling successful in a college level course. AP classes are demanding of student's time and overall mindset. Please consult with your teachers and parents on what is best for you. Disclaimer: Selecting an AP class is a choice that can only be changed prior to the start of the school year. Students selecting an AP class must abide by the established drop policy. 

What is the drop policy after the class begins?
Students may drop a class if eligible up to the 20th day of school. The purpose of the "drop period" is to provide students with a penalty-free withdrawal from a course. The drop process only provides students the opportunity to drop a class; however, there is no option to add any North classes after the 5th day of school. Students may not exchange an AP class in any subject area for a non-AP class in the same area during the drop week. Students may investigate class options provided through eSchool. Drop Request 

How many credits of World Language do I need to take to meet graduation requirements? 
World Language credits are not required to earn your AASD diploma. However, World Language credits may be required for admission to a specific college.  Be sure to research admission requirements for colleges that interest you.  Additionally, some college majors require World Language for the degree. Taking World Language during high school is helpful preparation for college coursework and in taking high level World Language courses, students could potentially earn college credits while in high school. Click here for more information on the UW System college requirements for admission.

How do I sign up for CTE Internship or Youth Apprenticeship?
As you start to plan classes for next year, you can add Work Based Learning class #9664 (formerly known as Internship and/or Apprenticeship. Do not enter S1 or S2). Once you are on the 9664 roster you will be given further directions if you want to do either YA or Internship 

 CTE Internship + CTE Internship Job
·       6th-8th hour off to work
·       Average of 10 hours/week
·       Any job works, most popular is Teacher Assistant in AASD elementary or middle schools
·       2.0 credits

If you have any questions about Internship, please email Mrs. Berlowski for information and help finding a placement

Youth Apprenticeship
·       Schedule is built around employer’s needs (you could have mornings off, or afternoon)
·       450 hours in one calendar year
·       Needs corresponding class to complete the requirements
·       2.0 credit

If you have any questions about YA, please email Mr. Wegand for help finding a placement.   

What does my North schedule look like if I take an eSchool class?
Students are able to take up to 2 eSchool classes during the school year. This procedure is called cross enrollment. (Some restrictions apply if you are a new eschool user). eSchool classes are academic classes and can be part of the required attendance hours. When students choose to take an eSchool class, their North schedule will be filled in with either a release, privilege or study hall depending on the student's eligibility. 

Can my counselor sign me up for an eSchool class?
No. Students must self-register for any eSchool class during the school year or for Summer Interim, on the eSchool website. Students will use their given school username and password to sign in to the eSchool website and request any course. 

I completed an eSchool class or Summer School class over the summer - how do I remove the equivalent class from my North schedule?
Students should contact the counseling office. Typically, summer school will notify North of summer school completion. Not all requests can be honored due to class availability and size limits.

I am missing a graduation requirement.
Students should contact their counselor. Not all requests can be honored due to class availability and size limits. 

Can I request a specific teacher?
No. Students are not able to request specific teachers.

There is no room number for my study hall.  What do I do?
Study hall room numbers are the very last detail assigned in a student's schedule. Students receive a "final draft" of their schedule on the first day of school and study hall rooms will be indicated by this time.

Where can I get information about FCLA?
Students can lean more and apply on the FCLA website. Find their FAQs here.

How many credits do I have?
Students and parents have live access to the transcript in Infinite Campus. AASD transcripts are updated 2x/year (3-4 weeks after semester completion); however, eSchool classes are added on a rolling basis. A high school transcript shows completed courses, cumulative GPA, rank, and total number of credits.  

How many credits do I need to graduate?
23 credits

When will I see my class schedule?
"Draft" schedules are available in Infinite Campus in August. Final schedules are available on the first day of class.

Why does my final schedule look different than the one I received in August?
All schedules are in "draft" form until the first day of school. Changes in hours, teachers, or rooms is common until the school year begins. Any requests to change back to previous drafts will not be honored.

Where can I find Information about early graduation?
Students can learn about early graduation eligibility directly from their assigned school counselor.  Students and parents will be asked to complete an application packet. Students will return the completed application to their counselor for submission. The application will be reviewed by the Administrative team and students will receive approval/deny notices in 2-4 weeks. All applications (semester and yearend) must be submitted to the counselor by October 1. For example, students who wish to graduate at the end of the fall term (January) their application must be submitted by October 1. Students who wish to graduate at the end of their junior year, the application must be submitted October 1.

Can I get work experience credit?
North students can earn up to 2.0 credits. Student can get more information and submit hours here.

Where can I find more information about Early College Credit Program?
Students apply for Early College Credit Program to earn college and high school credit. Program is time sensitive! Review AASD due dates and timelines AND college application due dates and deadlines.

Where can I find Information about Start College Now?
Students can earn credit at FVTC (or any WI Technical College) in the Start College Now program. Find additional information from FVTC here.