Teaching Assistant

Grades 10-12 only

TA requests are submitted by the teacher after the following steps are followed.

TA requests are only accepted up to the 10th day of the semester.

STEP 1: Student connects with teacher and asks if there is an interest in supervising a Teaching Assistant position.

STEP 2: Student informs teacher of available times in schedule ie, lunch, privilege, release, or study hall. Note: TA is not an academic class and therefore must be in addition to the required courses each semester.

STEP 3: Student completes TA Agreement Form

STEP 4: Teacher will complete TA Request Form

STEP 5: Counselor will review request, If student is in good standing and has the required open hour the request will proceed to the next step. Students and teachers will be informed if the request is declined for any of the stated reasons.  

STEP 6: Administration places TA spot in student’s schedule. All students will receive their TA placement before the 15th day of school