Drop Instructions: Fall/Semester/Spring

Students may drop a class without penalty up to the 20th day of the semester. Students may only add a new class on days 1- 6 of the semester.  

Stop in the counseling office for a class drop form (this form requires both parent and teacher signatures.) Completed drop forms should be returned to the Counseling Office by the designated date. Please check in the counseling office for the specific date.

Students must be eligible to complete a drop:

  • grades 9, 10, 11 must have 6 classes (academic) classes each semester
  • grade 12 must have 5 classes each semester and be on track for graduation
Seniors with submitted college applications
It is your responsibility to inform colleges that you have made a schedule change. Please consult with your colleges for any impact this could have on admissions decisions.

The Common App mid-year school report and your final transcript will reflect any schedule changes.