Course Scheduling Info

Academic and Career Planning: 2021-22 School Year 

This page has all of the information that you need to make the best decisions in scheduling for next year.

General 2021-22 Scheduling Resources: 

  • 2021-22 AASD Course Description Guide: LINK
  • Scheduling Timeline: LINK
  • Scheduling Policies and Expectations: LINK
  • Condensed AASD Course Menu (grades 10-12): LINK
  • Credit Tally Sheet: LINK

Incoming Freshman 2021-22 Scheduling Resources: 

  • Freshman Scheduling Video: LINK
  • Freshman Scheduling & Planning Packet: LINK
  • Freshman Scheduling Worksheet: LINK
  • Inputting 2021-22 Course Requests into Infinite Campus Video: LINK

Current North Students 2021-22 Scheduling Resources:

  • 10th-12th Scheduling Video: LINK
  • [updated] Scheduling & Planning Packet: LINK
  • Sophomore Scheduling Worksheet: LINK
  • Junior Scheduling Worksheet: LINK
  • Senior Scheduling Worksheet: LINK