Meal Procedures for 2nd Semester at Appleton North

Meal Procedures for 2nd Semester at Appleton North
Posted on 01/15/2021

Meal Procedure for Second Semester at North High School

Dear ANHS Students and Families,

Our hybrid schedule of second semester is almost upon us as students return in limited form during their AA and BB cohorts. Along with new procedures within the school comes new meal procedures.

Breakfast Items
Students have the ability to obtain breakfast items for the AM in a “grab and go” format as they enter the school. These tables of “grab and go” items will be located just outside of student services at the bottom of the stairs before students access the academic wing of the school. These grab and go breakfast meals will be eaten in their morning class.

Lunch Items
Students will be able order lunch items utilizing a Nutrislice website found on their Classlink. Students may also go to the Nutrislice website or utilize an APP downloaded from their phone’s app store.

Lunch occurs during students’ 35 minute advisory/homeroom period. Meals will be ordered ahead of time by the students utilizing Nutrislice and then delivered to them in their homeroom/advisory period. Here are important steps to ready yourself to make this happen.

A Meal Account must be created
Access the NUTRISLICE link on Classlink on Chromebooks, go to the NUTRISLICE website, or utilize the NUTRISLICE APP from your phone’s APP Store. The NUTRISLICE website is

Students must order food at least one day before it is to be delivered.

All food for students is offered free of charge for this second semester of school

Note-Ordering for the 1st week of semester 2 will be open until Monday, January 18th at 5:00pm.
Here is a brief VIDEO on how to set up your nutrislice account.

(Please disregard the mention of West HS in this video. Imagine it is for North)