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Polaris Program Polaris

Jump Start (All grades)

Students that have attendance concerns can be referred to our Jump Start program.  Jump Start helps students with attendance concerns by creating a soft landing each morning at school. The teamed staff work with the students each morning on meeting personal emotional and physical health objectives that help start their school days on a positive note. All students check in with staff to make sure they have all the necessities to start their day.

Northward Bound (Grades 9-10)

The Northward Bound program is targeted primarily at 2nd Semester Freshmen students that have struggled in the regular academic setting for their core courses. The Northward Bound program teaches Math, Social Studies, ELA and Reading and Writing courses in an alternative classroom setting. This approach allows the staff the help meet their individual emotional, academic and attendance concerns. The goal of the program is to help students find the best pathway for their success by working in smaller classes on academics and community connections. 

Credit Recovery (Grades 10-12)

Within the POLARIS program students can be referred to the POLARIS LAB during one of their school hours. They will work on recovering a course they have missed throughout their academic career on our e2020 program. The grades they earn DO NOT replace the grades on their current transcript, but they do allow them to earn the grade necessary for graduation. Students must be in danger of not graduating with their class to qualify to work in the POLARIS LAB on credit recovery.

Individualized Polaris Programming (Grades 9-12)

We have several students that need individualized scheduling and creative schedules put together in conjunction with their counseling needs outside of school, anxieties, Mental Health Concerns, AODA Treatment or court ordered requirements. These schedules and alternative services are decided by a team consisting of the student, parents, school counselors and the appropriate school personnel.


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