Transition Ideas for 9th Grade

Transition Ideas for 9th Grade
Posted on 08/30/2023
The first day of school is your orientation day.
North Link Crew provides freshman and new students with a half-day experience geared specifically toward being a student at Appleton North. On the first day of school, the first half is for freshmen only - all other students will start in the afternoon. 

Trust the middle school scheduling process. 
Middle school counselors and high school counselors work together to share and collaborate on scheduling information. Middle school staff have also collaborated and worked to ensure your students are in the correct placements for high school. 

Attend the open house.
The open house is an opportunity for families to meet their teachers, get contact information (if any issues arise in the class), and review the expectations of the class. 

Review your draft schedule. 
Schedules published in Mid-August in Infinite campus are considered preliminary and are subject to change. North does not print out paper copies of schedules until the "final schedule" is posted on the 1st day of school. When you review your schedule check the following:

Math, English, Science and Civics, Band, Orchestra, and World Language are all full-year classes. Make sure you are registered for both semesters of the class.

7 credits means no study hall.  6 credits means a study hall.

Do a “schedule” walk-through. 
We understand students are anxious about their schedule and the first day of school. A great way to ease these anxieties is to get familiar with the Appleton North Building. Do a walk-through of your school day. Appleton North High School is open in August from 8:00 - 2:00 pm weekdays.

Develop a list of coping strategies. 
High school is more... more people, more work, and more opportunities. Stress is natural when experiencing "more". Know your coping strategies and be prepared to employ them on the first day of school. Here is a checklist to get you started 💜Mental Health Matters! 

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Please contact your middle school counselor directly to receive support for your course selection questions.