9th Grade Goals For College And Career Planning

Goal: Get to know my school counselor and take advantage of opportunities! 

  • Meet your school counselor and work with them to create a yearly class schedule that will meet the graduation requirements.
  • Get involved early on with extracurricular activities (clubs and athletics).
  • Attend Explore Night to assist you with course registration.
  • Plan to take electives that connect to your skills, interests and goals for after high school.
  • Next year is your first opportunity to attempt an Advanced Placement (AP) class. Sophomores can sign up to take AP World History, talk with your Social Studies teacher to see if that is right for you. Not sure what AP classes are? Talk with your school counselor about the advantages of taking AP classes.
  • Take advantage of Xello to explore and identify interesting career options and the education needed to pursue them.
  • Begin a resume to track current and future accomplishments. This will be a very useful tool for you as an upperclassman, be sure to keep it updated every semester.

Transition to High School: FAQs

When will I see my class schedule?
"Draft" schedules are available in Infinite Campus in August. Final schedules are available on the first day of class. All schedules are subject to change up to the first day of school.

How do I schedule a study hall?
Students can request a study hall as part of their requests that are submitted in January. Students should search “STUDY HALL semester 1 and/or STUDY HALL semester 2” when prompted in Infinite Campus. Students who request 6.5 credits may request semester 1 or semester 2. Students who request 6.0 credits will enter BOTH Study Hall semesters.

I need a room number for my study hall. What do I do?
Study hall room numbers are the very last detail assigned in a student's schedule. Students receive a finalized schedule on the first day of school and study hall rooms will be indicated by this time.

How many credits of World Language do I need to take to meet graduation requirements? 
World Language credits are not required to earn your AASD diploma. However, World Language credits may be required for admission to a specific college. Taking World Language during high school is helpful preparation for college coursework and in taking high-level World Language courses, students could earn college credits while in high school. Click here for more information on the UW System college requirements for admission.

I completed an eSchool class class over the summer. How do I remove the equivalent class from my North schedule?
Students should contact the North counseling office and follow the schedule change procedures. Not all change requests can be honored due to class availability and size limits. Students who request classes that are not available will be placed in a study hall.

What is the drop policy after the class begins?
Students may drop a class (if eligible) until the 25th day of school. The drop policy only allows students to drop a class. (See the next question on making schedule changes)  Students are to pick up a Drop/Add form in the Counseling office and drop the completed form off at the counseling office.  Students must attend all classes until they receive an email response to the course change request. Not all requests can be honored. 

When can I change my schedule for the fall term?
Students who wish to make class changes can do so on days 2-6 of the fall/spring term. Students are to pick up a Drop/Add form in the Counseling office and drop the completed form off at the counseling office. Students must attend all classes until they receive an email response to the course change request. Not all requests can be honored. 

  • No schedule change requests will be accepted in the summer months
  • The Add/Drop Form must be completed - No emails or phone class will be accepted
  • No schedule change requests will be made on the 1st day of school due to the orientation day

Can I change my semester 2 schedule after the fall term begins? 
Students can change their semester 2 up to the 1st day of semester 2. Students can set up an appointment with their school counselor to request changes. All schedule change requests are dependent on class availability.

I had a PATH counselor in Middle school.  Will I still be in PATH at high school?
Each year any student receiving services through the PATH program will have an intake meeting to reestablish care. The PATH Counselor or Catalpa will reach out to PATH families to set up the intake meeting at the beginning of the school year.

What is the difference between Homeroom and Flex?
Homeroom and Flex time both take place from 9:32 - 10:24. Homeroom takes place in the same designated classroom with the same assigned homeroom teachers every Monday. During homeroom, students listen to announcements and presentations relevant to their grade level or general school information. Flex takes place Tuesday - Friday. Students can use this flex time to schedule time with a teacher, attend a club meeting, or use it as a study period. Students are required to attend both the Homeroom and Flex times. Appleton North uses a scheduling system called Edficiency to help students manage this time. All freshmen will receive instruction on how to use Edficiency in the first weeks of school.

How do I schedule an appointment with my school counselor?
Students can schedule appointments with counseling staff through Edficiency. Counselors post office hours weekly. Another option is to email your counselor and they will request you at the next available time during the school day.

Can I take an eSchool class as a freshman?
Students can self-register for an eSchool course through the eSchool website. The registration period for semester classes is between September - February. Some general facts about eSchool:

  • eSchool doesn't operate on a set semester schedule.
  • eSchool reports their own grades
  • eSchool is a separate school from North but uses the same AASD transcript
  • The start of the class is when the student requests the eschool class. 
  • eSchool is self-directed and not synchronous.  
  • Courses are available to work on independently of the traditional school day
Meet Mrs. Prudom
Class of 2027 School Counselor 
Email Mrs. Prudom

Mrs. Prudom is an experienced School Counselor with over 30 years of experience in the field of education.  Mrs. Prudom recognizes that your freshman year sets the stage for the rest of your high school career. Your freshman year of high school is a BIG transition. You'll move to a larger building (North High School), take courses that you will need to earn passing grades, meet new people, and start seriously thinking about your future!

Mrs. Prudom is also skilled in mental health management. She recognizes and responds to the need for mental health services that promote social/emotional wellness and development for all students. She advocates for the mental health needs of all students by offering instruction that enhances awareness of mental health, appraisal and advisement addressing academic, career and social/emotional development; short-term counseling interventions; and referrals to community resources for long-term support.

Mrs. Prudom is passionate about helping students reach their full academic, social, and emotional potential. My philosophy is student-centered and solution-focused. I also believe in a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. I enthusiastically look forward to working with you and your family on this four-year exciting journey!

In addition to keeping very busy working at North, Mrs. Prudom also finds there is never a dull moment being a mom and staying active boating, swimming, kayaking, fishing, and spending time with family!!

Students may email me if they have questions or concerns. Students can schedule a time to meet with me in person during my open office hours each week in our homeroom scheduler.