Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame will seek to recognize the great achievements of past athletes, teams, and coaches that have stood out and accomplished many goals in athletics. We want to recognize the achievements and athletic greatness of our North alumni.

It will encourage school pride and school spirit. Our desire is to have students appreciate the hard work, dedication, and desire of our former student athletes and coaches. We hope to instill within our student body the leadership, values, and admiration of the Appleton North school community and the responsibility that goes along with being a student athlete at Appleton North.


  • Achieved individual or team success/greatness in one or more sports
  • State champion
  • Conference honors
  • School records
  • State recognition
  • Preferably play more than one sport
  • Successful in the classroom
  • Role model in and out of the classroom
  • Out of high school for 5 or more years
  • Preferably continue sport after high school 


  • Pep Club committee will nominate 3 candidates to the hall of fame each year from the group of nominees submitted
  • The committee will consist of at least one member from each class to maintain consistency from year to year. They will do all the research for each candidate.
    Hall of Fame committee will consist of: Athletic director, At least one school principal, Pep club advisor, Booster club member, Pep club committee member
  • The Hall of Fame Committee will select each year’s recipient based upon the guidelines set forth. 

Nomination Form

Past Winners

Joe Hietpas
Cortnee Adams
Stephanie Gould