Polaris Program

The Polaris program responds to the educational, social, and emotional needs of each individual student.

A variety of programming options allows Polaris staff to build a pathway for each student that fosters personal growth, encourages academic success, and builds usable skills for career and post-secondary education readiness.

Students are referred to the Polaris program by classroom teachers, school counselors, or parents. Referrals may address credit deficiency, or concerns regarding substance use, mental health or social interactions. However, there is no such thing as a "typical" Polaris student.

Individual strengths and challenges are assessed on a student-by-student basis.

Polaris Offerings
These opportunities target specific learning needs and offer alternatives to the traditional classroom setting. The Polaris Program classrooms are located on campus at Appleton North.

The following are programs offered:

Jump Start - meets first hour to address attendance concerns for truant students

Credit Recovery - student utilizes e2020 to recover credit that was failed or missed earlier in high school career

PATHWAYS - senior student with 15 credits or less prepares for GED-Options 2 program

BOLT ACADEMY - School within a School for current Seniors in need of intensive Alternative Education Programming.

e2020 SUMMER SCHOOL offers students an opportunity to continue working on their e2020 courses during the summer. e2020 Summer School is offered at North and has expectations and schedules that differ from traditional district summer school.

The Polaris program also facilitates transitions to off campus programs like QUEST, HIGHER GROUND AND CENTRAL.
Matt Hechel
Program Coordinator & Polaris Teacher

Abby VanderLoop
Polaris Teacher

Are you interested in learning about an alternative pathway to your high school diploma?  There are other options to earning your diploma than staying at Appleton North.

Here are some options:

Central Program
After the middle of your sophomore year you are able to transfer to Central. It's located in downtown Appleton. You attend school for ½ the day and are able to work the other half of the day! The smaller class sizes allow you to really get the help you need to be successful in the classroom.  

Higher Ground
If you have about 12 credits and are looking for a different option in a smaller, more independent learning environment, Higher Ground may be a good option. You work towards your 23 credits needed to graduate at an independent pace. Attendance is very important. You attend school for ½ the day so you can work the other half of the day.  

GPS Education Partners
Located in Neenah at the Plexus downtown campus.  You go to school for about 3 hours a day and then work in their plant 4-5 hours. You start at 7:15am. You get paid for most of your time spent there during the day. You work towards your 23 credits needed for graduation on an individual pace.  

Challenge Academy 
A quasi Military Academy. You work towards your GED/HSED while learning a lot about yourself. You live on campus and live and learn in a military style environment.  You can enroll when you are 16 years, 9mos. When you complete your time there you are done with High School if you have passed all GED/HSED tests. If you haven’t passed them all, you are welcome to return to Appleton and enroll in the Options 2 program.  

Quest is located at the Fox Valley Technical College. You go to school ½ days until you are take and pass all of your GED/HSED tests. When you are finished, you are able to earn a North Diploma if you complete 30 hours of Community Service, take and pass PFM and Employability Skills. You are chosen for this slot by the high school. Seniors are given high priority.  

Appleton GED Options 2 Program
This is located inside Central High School and meets M-TH in the afternoons. While at the GEDO2 program, you are working towards taking the GED tests that you need to take to meet your graduation requirements. There is an attendance requirement prior to being selected to attend there and while you are enrolled there.