Important Updates from the Counselors

  • Check out the latest edition of Lightning Connectionsa newsletter from our counseling department. This edition has crucial information for our seniors on their college applications and much, much more! 

High School counselors provide academic, career, and personal guidance to help students make a successful transition through high school and to achieve their goals as responsible young adults. Counselors help students assess their interests, abilities, and goals for life after high school. Short-term counseling is provided for personal concerns, but long-term counseling is referred out to community agencies. The Counseling Office has ample material on public and private colleges in Wisconsin and throughout the United States.

Students interested in attending 2-year campuses, 4-year campuses, technical schools, or specialized schools should review the information in the Counseling Office and talk to their counselor. Information and applications for ACT and SAT tests are also available in the Counseling Office.

School counselors are assigned, for the most part, based on grade level and typically remain with their students for all four years. To set up an appointment with your student's school counselor, please call (920) 852-5405 for an appointment.